Double degrees

The Double Degree programme offers graduate students the possibility to spend the first year at the University of Siena, acquiring core knowledge and skills in finance, and to specialize in their field of interest while attending the second year at one of the foreign host institutions.
Providing all course requirements have been met, students of the Double Degree program receive both Italian LM Degree and a Master of Science from the partner institution.
The programme requires the attendance of a whole academic year abroad and an overall involvement of two years.

University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Master in Money and Finance

The University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest university in Slovenia, and it is the central institution of higher education in its country.

Romanian-American University (Romania) - Master of Science in Finance

Located in Bucarest, it is a private university, part of the Romanian national system of education, and was founded in 1991. Due to its American soul, a considerable number of your courses will be taught by US professors visiting the campus or professors that obtained their teaching degree in the USA.

These opportunities to study at a different university and in a different country are a notable chance to enrich your CV with a year of studies abroad and with an extra MSc diploma from a recognized European university.
Studying and living abroad has several other, less noticeable, impacts which should also be considered. Immersing yourself in another culture is a great way to develop a more open-minded attitude and experience what it's like for people from different backgrounds than yourself. Plus, the skills you'll learn in collaborating with students from other countries will prepare you perfectly for modern, international workplaces.

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